Today Dean had surgery for an undescended testicle due to a hernia. When he was born they noticed it, but felt it was better to wait and see if it corrected itself. Once he was 2 and above 25lbs, they decided it was time to go in and make sure it was in place. We were told to arrive at 9:30am and that the surgery would be at 11. When we got there they sent us to the waiting room for about 3 minutes, then back to the area where they do intake. We heard someone tell the nurse that they wanted to fast-track him and by a few minutes after 10 the anesthesiologist had already taken him back to start the procedure. They told us surgery would be about an hour and then we'd probably spend about an hour in the recovery area before they sent us home.

The waiting in this kind of situation is, of course, the worst part. We grabbed some food since we didn't want to eat this morning in front of him since he wasn't allowed anything, then we sat and read. About 11:30 they took us back to the recovery room where we discovered that sweaty, screaming, cranky little monkey that we love so much had pulled out his IV and refused to stop crying long enough to get his 02 sat where they wanted it. We finally calmed him down some. They moved us to a more private room and after plying him with television, stickers and popsicles, we were able to get him relaxed and they sent us home.

They said everything went as expected, and that the hernia was good sized but everything is as it should be. He'll take it easy for the next few days and stay home with Mama. Otherwise all is well.

In other news, we've got some pictures and such that need to be uploaded, so hopefully we'll take care of that soon.

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