Mailing List and Phone Tree

Hey, if you read this site, you probably want to know when the Peanut arrives. If you want to be on the e-mail list and/or phone tree, post a comment and let us know if you'd rather get an e-mail, phone call or text message. Don't post your e-mail address or phone number in your comment! If we don't already have that, we'll get in touch to get it. I'm sure you don't want spam or crank calls from the people who wander though the internet. Like my brother.

29 weeks

Last week was our 29 week check up. We had another ultrasound to check growth, and everything checked out right on course. All of the measurements were right on par with the due date of June 15 we've been given. Nicole is still doing well. The arthritis has had a few flares, but for the most part she's doing well. So, as they say, no news is good news. We're going to a 2 week interval for apointments, and starting Non Stress Tests and some classes in the next couple of weeks.

The registries got some updates, and we had a fairly successful shopping trip to pick up some clothes. Now it's time to start figuring out the nursery... and probably a name at some point.

25 Week Checkup

We had a check up this morning, and other than a wierdly high blood pressure reading (it was fine (118/64)after a do-over) everything is normal and on-track. Nicole's glucose test came back normal, her hemoglobin is still low (11.0), but higher than it was at the start of the pregnancy and her thyroid levels are stable (1.8). So far so good. We've got another sonogram and checkup in 4 weeks.

Sonogram: 24 Weeks

Here are pictures from our 24 week sonogram today:

The Name Game

We've started our search for a name for the Peanut. We have a fairly complex process for this. First, we go through our baby names book, each of us marking the names we like. Then we enter all of those names into a spreadsheet. At this point we had about 150 names. Next, we each go through all of the names and rate them on a scale of 1-5. Each of us does this seperately, and without viewing the ratings of the other. Then we add our two ratings together, giving each name a score between 2 and 10. We actually ended up with 1 that scored 9, 1 that scored 8, and about 20 that scored 7. This is the stage we're at now. We've got a few more steps, but we'll talk about those when we get there.

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