NST, Dr. Appointment and a Bit of Shopping

This morning we had a NST and an appointment with the Midwife. The NST appointment too longer than expected this week. He was very sleepy at the beginning so there was a nice long stretch of baseline (120-130 bpm) heartrate. Then he started moving a bit and we got a good acceleration (up to around 170 bpm and then dipping to about 110-120 before leveling back out). At what should have been about 3/4 of the way through the test, we had two good acceleration and a couple good stretches of baseline. Then he moved and his heartrate jumped up properly, but the dipped down a bit lower than they would like to see it (85-90 bpm). When looking at the printout, I also had a mild (so slid I didn’t even notice it) contraction at the same time. Immediately after that, he got the hiccups and his heartrate jumped back up to the 150’s and stayed there (a little high for a long stretch). As soon as the hiccups went away, his heartrate went back to a normal base line. The dip with a contraction immediately followed a long stretch of higher heartrate even with a decent explanation of why it had occurred prompted them to want to do some follow-up.

We stayed in fetal diagnostics/maternal fetal medicine for a bit while the nurse who did the NST consulted with the OB who would be signing off on the NST. She wanted us to do an U/S just to check the placenta and fluid levels. We then had to wait a bit longer so they could fit us in. We did the scan and the placenta looks great, the fluid levels are perfect. Everything is exactly as it should be.

From there we went across the street to our OB/Midwife’s office. We saw the midwife today because our OB is not in that office on Tuesday, but she did not want us to have to drive all the way back up tomorrow to see her and we have and established history with the midwife anyway. In fact, she will be at out c-section, so that’s cool. Plus we hadn’t seen her in almost 2 months so it was nice to have the visit with her. It was a basic weight/urine/BP check. My weight hasn’t changes in three weeks, my BP was great (120/78), and the urine check was perfect as well.

The midwife felt the baby through my belly and did the fundal height measurements. She said that she thinks he is smaller than Aiden, but not tiny. Her guess is 7.5 lbs.

That being said, my “official” guess is:

7 lb 4 oz
21 in

If anyone else wants to venture a guess, please do. We can see who get the closest.

After our appointment we went to Babies’r’Us and did some shopping. We got this diaper bag that we had not been able to get a few weeks ago:

It is really big, but we wanted it that way. There is a second on that we would like to get, but they have not had it in the store since we registered for it. We are going to order it online once we get back from the hospital. It is a much smaller, quick trip, afternoon out kind of bag.

We also got a couple more pairs of scratch mittens because we only had one pair. I am totally paranoid about not having enough of them. I have a small scar on my face from scratching myself when I was a few days old and I want to avoid that happening to our little one if at all possible.

Lastly, we bought a sling. It was basically the one that was on our registry, except that this one is reversible. One side is Chocolate (like the registry one) and the other side is chocolate with big turquoise polka-dots. It’s a PeanutShell sling. We’ll see if we like it, but it was on clearance and was about $15.00 off it’s regular price.

So I think that’s about it for today. He’s still wiggling all over the place tonight so all is well.

Tomorrow we will do laundry and dishes and clean the apartment so we have a clean house to come home to. We will leave around 10:15 Thursday morning and should be back home Sunday evening or Monday morning.


Apparently, we failed to tell anyone the times for Thursday as many people have asked.

We have to be in Labor and Delivery at 11:30. The c-section is scheduled for 1-1:30 pm.

We do not have internet access in our room in the maternity ward, but Sean can go to the business center to post here. We will try and let everyone know one way or another by the end of the day.

Baby's Room

Here's a stitched-together panorama of the baby's room. It's still waiting for a crib, but Ikea is out of stock for now. We've got some decorating left to do, but the bulk of it is done.

For Real This Time

We talked to the OB today. After consulting with the Maternal-Fetal specialists, and reviewing the results from both amnios, they've decided to set a firm date. We'll be delivering the baby on June 12. No more amnios. This time we're going to go for it. Hooray!

And we wait....

His lungs are now in the "transitional phase" according to my OB. She will not deliver tomorrow.

She is going to talk to Maternal Fetal Medicine tomorrow and determine a course of action from here. It may be deliver in 5 days it may be wait 7 days and do another amnio to see where to go.

As soon as we hear anything we will let everyone know.

Well i guess that one of two things it in play here. Either DH and I's original dates (making the due date June 25, not June 15th) were correct all along or he takes after his mommy. I was born 17 21 days early and ended up in the NICU for 10 days because my lungs were nowhere near ready. (Corrected the above per my mother's post. She told me wrong and, well, for some reason I don't remember it very well myself.)

Realistically, even if June 25th is the "real" due date, his lungs should still have been ready today. We would be at 37w1d today. Using their dates we are at 38w4d.

Its a little annoying but each day that passes we get more of the nursery done. We had nothing done a week and a half ago except putting the changing table together.

Photo Shoot

Nicole and I did a little bit of a photo shoot yesterday to capture the pregnant belly in all its beauty.

The New Timeline

We talked to the Doctor's office this morning, and we've got a new timeline. We'll be having our usual Tuesday morning Non-Stress test, and a quick BP/urine test. Then we'll repeat the amnio Thursday afternoon. Assuming that the new test shows lung maturity, the c-section will be Friday at about noon. The countdown is back on!

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