A Fat Lip

Today, at a picnic, Dean slipped and fell. He landed on his face and bit his lip pretty hard. There was quite a bit of blood, but he recovered quickly. He's got quite the fat lip to show for it though.

A One Year Old! (With Slacker Parents)

Dean is a year old now. He's full of energy and has a heck of a vocabulary. His parents, on the other hand, are lazy slackers who need an extra nap or two. We didn't get the 11 month photos up. So here's that:

He says daddy (actually he usually bellows "Da-Deee"), calls several people (and a dog) at day care by name, says mommy (but usually only when he's mad) and says kitty. He occasionally will even make an attempt at "thank you". He's also starting to imitate us more and more.

At his last checkup he was still under 20lbs. His height and weight are both still about 3rd percentile, but his height-to-weight ratio is almost dead center. So, he's a still a little guy, but growing quite well. He points at things and is starting to interact more directly with people.

He loves music and frequently dances when he hears stuff he likes. Current favorites include the Jeopardy theme and the King of the Hill theme. Almost anything with a Latin beat works too. He also got to try out his swimming pool last weekend and had a blast.

He had a fun birthday party at day care, a trip to see the extended family down in Bloomington and then a birthday party up here too. It's been a busy few weeks, but a lot of fun.

So, there are lots of new pictures on Flickr and videos on Viddler which are linked in the sidebar. Feel free to spend some time checking those out. And without further ado: Dean at age 1.

A Short Visit to the ER

Wednesday night, Dean had a bottle about 8pm and then went to bed. At about 12:30 he woke up crying and wouldn't take a bottle, but continued to be very fussy. As he's got teeth coming in, we didn't think much of it. We gave him some tylenol and let him sleep in our bed. All night he was restless and very fussy. He'd wake up every hour or so and cry for a while. We'd get him to go back down to sleep, and then the cycle would repeat.

So, we decided to keep him home from day-care on Thursday. He ate a few Cheerios and some dried fruit, but not much and still wouldn't take a bottle. All day he was sleepy and lethargic. When I finally did get him to take some formula, a short while later he threw up. The rest of the day, he didn't want formula or juice, and the few times he took a few sips, they came back up in a few minutes. In the early afternoon I called his doctor's office and they said to keep pushing fluids and call back if he didn't improve. Around 7, since it had now been nearly 24 hours since he'd held down any fluids, we called the doctor again, and he said we should take Dean into the ER and they would see what was required to get him rehydrated.

The doctor that because Dean was dehydrated, he was nauseous and because he was nauseous, he wouldn't take fluids, and we needed to break that cycle before his dehydration became harmful. The said that they likely would do IV fluids to get his levels back up, and then once he was feeling better would try oral fluids again. Luckily this wasn't necessary. They said they would try anti-nausea medication first, because his dehydration level wasn't at a point of being dangerous, and they'd rather not stick needles in a baby (or anyone one else) if they didn't have to. Sure enough, within 5-10 minutes of getting the medication, Dean's normal personality was back. He wanted to play and interact with the people around him. They gave us some apple juice mixed with Pedialyte and he all but grabbed the bottle out of our hands. They had us start by letting him only eat for about a minute and then wait 10 minutes before giving him more. This annoyed him greatly. After about 20 minutes, they said to go ahead and let him eat what he wanted. He shortly finished almost all of the 6 ounces in the bottle, and they sent us on our way.

So, all in all, a little bit scary, but in terms of a visit to the ER, we couldn't have hoped for a better result. We'll have a follow up with is doctor in the next few days just to be sure everything is okay. But so far, so good.

10 Months

Wow. We missed the 9 month post, and time flies, so it's hard to even remember what happened that long ago. Now Dean is 10 months old and what a big boy he is now. He's cruising* like a master. He's chattering away in what I'm sure he thinks are words, but not ones that we understand yet. He occasionally stands for a few seconds on his own, but it's like a cartoon character, where once he notices there's nothing holding him up, he quickly tumbles. He's even getting good at that. Landing on the padded diaper parts rather than the unpadded elbows and head. He continues to be adorable at every opportunity, and to flirt without remorse.

Unsurprisingly he's also got a bit of a devious streak (no idea where he'd get that at all). He gets very quiet when he's getting into trouble. He also is expressing more and more preferences. He's feeding himself too. Cheerios are a favorite, along with apple chips and cheese. All in all he's changing quickly from a baby to a toddler. Only two months till our little man is a year old.

Eventfull week

So although Dean was sick this past weekend, it has not slowed him down.

He pulled himself up from the floor to stand in front of couch to play with my laptop. He stood in ftron of the counch and moved back and forth between the laptop and a book that was a few inches over for about half and hour. I did have to balance check him a couple of times when he decided to try and trun around, but he mostly stood there all by himself.

He is also making great leaps in sitting this week. He now sits up not only unassistsed, but without putting any hands down to help himself balance. In fact, last night not only did he not have hands dow nto balance himself, he had them above his head reaching right and left to reach his monkey that i was holding out to him.

He loves standing up while holding on to our hand. We rarely hold on to him when he is standing we just offer a hand and let him do his thing. He often changes from holding on with one hand to holding on with the other. He still trys to "walk" primarily by leaning, but he is starting to get the idea that he needs to move his feet. Now if only he would keep thme shoulder width apart instead of trying to walk on a tightrope he would be doing great.

This weekend we are going ot see his grandparents in Bloomington. We'll cross our finger that he stays healthy as we have not had much luck with overnight trips to grandparents and Dean's health.

8 Months

Dean turned 8 months old this week and it's been a busy one. He's crawling now. Not in the typical "hands and knees" style, but much more in the style of an army crawl on the belly. But whatever you want to call it, he moves across a room fairly quickly. He's over 16lbs. and is consistantly still the happiest baby you'd care to meet.

He's been sick quite a bit still. A minor cold that comes and goes. He had a bout of roseolla, and this weekend he seems to have had a reaction to something because he wasn't holding food down at all. He seems better today though.

He's still playing with language, and while his statements are getting more deliberate, they're not yet distinct enough to understand. He's funny as heck too. We did a Valentine's photo shoot for him, which came out pretty good. And of course, we did one with his bear. He's getting pretty big. Enjoy.

The New Site

We've moved Dean's site to his own domain. It has a new theme, and some new features. Namely the image and video links in the sidebar. This should give you easy access to those things. Right now the photos are random. I could switch it to being chronological if people think that's a better choice.

Let me know what you think and if there's other things you'd like to see.

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