Is This Thing On

Yes, we've utterly failed as modern blogging parents. It's been several months since we posted last, and they've been a busy few months for a certain little monkey. There was, of course Halloween:


Dean was a scarecrow. Mommy put his costume together because everything made for kids his size, is made for kids aren't walking. It was widely acknowledged that he was the most adorable scarecrow ever.

Then, over Thanksgiving Weekend we went to visit Grandpa John and Grandma Yvonne. Dean also went to visit Hank for his first very first haircut. Hank was the barber who gave daddy his last professional haircut in 2002.


We went to Matt & Jackie's housewarming pajama party where Dean rocked out on the drums. Yeah!


Then there was Christmas and the snow!

And now, our little man is 19 months old. Holy cow how time flies. He knows several of his colors. Orange is a favorite right now. Does his puzzles. He feeds the kitties every night and brushes his teeth before bedtime. He helps mommy and daddy with their exercises and loves to read his books. Anything with doggies or dinosaurs is a favorite. He's good at cleaning up (although he's better at making the messes to start with, but aren't we all?) He loves coloring and never gets tired of having mommy and daddy draw kitties. So far the only food he doesn't like is grapefruit, but we think that's mostly because he doesn't understand why those oranges taste funny.


As always, there's more photos and videos on flickr.

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