First Cubs Game

Sunday, we took Dean to his first Cubs game. It's not his first baseball game, as we took him to a White Sox game last year (gasp!). But that hardly counts as he couldn't even hold his own head up well yet, and it was in a sky-box, and he couldn't even eat a hot dog. So, although that was a good time, and a heck of a party, I think we can safely say that this was Dean's first baseball game. (With apologies to the Olsons.)


We had fantastic seats, thanks to Alicia, and we saw a good game. Dean was tired, and being in the bright sun wasn't high on his list of awesome things, so he napped for the first part of the game. He ate grapes and drank his water while watching the people around him and making friends. It being a baseball game, hot dogs were required. Dean, having never had hot dogs before, seemed quite impressed with them and at almost half of one, with bun. Then he shared some of his hotdog with mom. He also got ice cream in a mini-helmet.


As the game went on, Dean got more and more into the crowd and the cheering. Towards the end of the game, when the crowd cheered, he would yell and clap along with them. When the game ended, he was greatly amused by the singing of "Go Cubs Go". Although we weren't able to arrive early or stay late to try to get autographs, there was an event at Nicole's work the next day where she was able to get Dean a hat signed by Milton Bradley, Jake Fox and Doug Glanville. So he's got quite the souvenir of his big day. Oh, and most importantly, the Cubbies Won!


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  1. 447 Toni Osborne 2009-07-08 20:49:25

    How cute!! He's turning into quite the little man :)

  2. 448 steph 2009-07-15 19:47:21

    apologies accepted... good grief. just remember - save all white sox clothing for us (for someday) since we will be the only ones in that group of friends (besides peter ?

    pictures are incredibly cute :-)

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