Eventfull week

So although Dean was sick this past weekend, it has not slowed him down.

He pulled himself up from the floor to stand in front of couch to play with my laptop. He stood in ftron of the counch and moved back and forth between the laptop and a book that was a few inches over for about half and hour. I did have to balance check him a couple of times when he decided to try and trun around, but he mostly stood there all by himself.

He is also making great leaps in sitting this week. He now sits up not only unassistsed, but without putting any hands down to help himself balance. In fact, last night not only did he not have hands dow nto balance himself, he had them above his head reaching right and left to reach his monkey that i was holding out to him.

He loves standing up while holding on to our hand. We rarely hold on to him when he is standing we just offer a hand and let him do his thing. He often changes from holding on with one hand to holding on with the other. He still trys to "walk" primarily by leaning, but he is starting to get the idea that he needs to move his feet. Now if only he would keep thme shoulder width apart instead of trying to walk on a tightrope he would be doing great.

This weekend we are going ot see his grandparents in Bloomington. We'll cross our finger that he stays healthy as we have not had much luck with overnight trips to grandparents and Dean's health.

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  1. 431 Kevin Michael 2009-02-20 10:22:03

    I remember when I first learned to reach for my monkey. It was a proud day for all.

    Seriously though, the kid's adorable and we're all very happy for your family!

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