A One Year Old! (With Slacker Parents)

Dean is a year old now. He's full of energy and has a heck of a vocabulary. His parents, on the other hand, are lazy slackers who need an extra nap or two. We didn't get the 11 month photos up. So here's that:

He says daddy (actually he usually bellows "Da-Deee"), calls several people (and a dog) at day care by name, says mommy (but usually only when he's mad) and says kitty. He occasionally will even make an attempt at "thank you". He's also starting to imitate us more and more.

At his last checkup he was still under 20lbs. His height and weight are both still about 3rd percentile, but his height-to-weight ratio is almost dead center. So, he's a still a little guy, but growing quite well. He points at things and is starting to interact more directly with people.

He loves music and frequently dances when he hears stuff he likes. Current favorites include the Jeopardy theme and the King of the Hill theme. Almost anything with a Latin beat works too. He also got to try out his swimming pool last weekend and had a blast.

He had a fun birthday party at day care, a trip to see the extended family down in Bloomington and then a birthday party up here too. It's been a busy few weeks, but a lot of fun.

So, there are lots of new pictures on Flickr and videos on Viddler which are linked in the sidebar. Feel free to spend some time checking those out. And without further ado: Dean at age 1.

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  1. 445 Jenny 2009-06-25 09:00:42

    Looking Good Dean! I am so happy for you guys! He is the cutest little guy and you are obviously smitten. Glad to hear he is having such a good time with things.
    Hope you are all well.

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