8 Months

Dean turned 8 months old this week and it's been a busy one. He's crawling now. Not in the typical "hands and knees" style, but much more in the style of an army crawl on the belly. But whatever you want to call it, he moves across a room fairly quickly. He's over 16lbs. and is consistantly still the happiest baby you'd care to meet.

He's been sick quite a bit still. A minor cold that comes and goes. He had a bout of roseolla, and this weekend he seems to have had a reaction to something because he wasn't holding food down at all. He seems better today though.

He's still playing with language, and while his statements are getting more deliberate, they're not yet distinct enough to understand. He's funny as heck too. We did a Valentine's photo shoot for him, which came out pretty good. And of course, we did one with his bear. He's getting pretty big. Enjoy.

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