4 Months

Dean's 4 month appointment was today.

He is now 23.5" long and 12 lbs. 6 oz.

Those measurements are ~4th % according to the doctors charts and ~30% for weight vs height. According to the WHO charts he is 1.5% for weight and 0.9% for length, 26.9% for weight vs. height.

The pediatrician is very mildly concerned about his head circumference. It is 42 cm, or ~50%. Average for his age, but fairly big for his size. He said we would just monitor it and not worry about it for now.

His testicle is still undecended (which I knew). Not a problem, just continue to monitor. We will see the surgeon again in two months if it has still not dropped.

His doctor is very pleased with his milestones. He very consistently rolls from his stomach to his back. he does roll from his back ot his stomach, but only on occasion. He loves to stand and hold our hands. He is very alert and interested in everything going on around him and smiles at everyone all the time.

He got most of his vaccinations, but they were out of the oral rotavirus one so we have to go back next week for it. I am happy that it is the oral one so he doesn't have to get shots two weeks in a row.

He is a champ when getting shots. He fussed after the first one. Started crying after the second, continued crying for the third. Daddy picked him up and he very quickly (seconds later) was laughing at the nurse who gave him the shots.

The doctor said to start him on solids soon. I am a bit torn on that. I am definitely waiting until his cold goes away, but i just don't think he's ready yet. He shows no interest what so ever in food and he has a pretty strong tongue thrust still.

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