3 weeks

As we mentioned last week, Dean and I met with the Lactation Consultant yesterday (Dean's 3 week birthday).  Daddy was there too.

He grew another 1/4", so he is now 19.75".  He also gained pretty well.  His weight was 6 lbs 15.8 oz.  That means he surpassed his birthweight.  Depending on which growth charts you look at he is in 4th-7th % for weight and 4th-9th% for length.  I recently downloaded a neat program from WHO(World Health Organization) that allows you to track your child's statistics and see them plotted, etc.  One interesting thing that the program does it calculates BMI for each entry.  Right now Dean's BMI is 9.  Normal for an infant is 13, so he is a little low. 

All of that being said, the LC was happy with his weight gain for the week.  She wrote down a number that she wanted to see him have gained and he was within 1/2 an ounce of that.

She did show me a few things I can do to make him get a "bigger" latch and therefore suck a bit more efficiently.  She also showed me how to do a side-lying nursing position that seems to work really well for both Dean and I.  It is pretty much hands free so it is also extremely helpful for me with my arthritis.  It is great at night because I can rest while he eats.

We are probably going to try out the cloth diapers that we got this week since he is finally up to 7 lbs, which is the bottom end of the weight range for them(some of them are even higher than that).  We also bought another carrier.  It can be used as either a front carrier (rear or forward facing) or as a back pack type carrier.

Since daddy is home today, we are going to get some cleaning done and maybe spend some time out side, possibly grilling.

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