20 Months

Hey, look! It's a post that's reasonably close to on time. Dean is 20 months old, and he's is every bit the toddler. Only, without the toddling. More like running, jumping, climbing, ultra-compact-tornadoing. Which we enjoy... most of the time. That said, having him go visit grandma for a couple of nights this weekend was nice too.

He still doesn't have a lot in the way of "dislikes", but he definitely has things that are favorites. Carrots and apples are the best foods right now, and anything that's a "dip" (which includes soup). He cooks for us too. Mostly "pepper". This stems from one day when he was cooking with his pan and spoon, and was offering tastes to mommy and me and I said "Yum. Needs more pepper." Now, everything is pepper. We're getting into a better routine at nights. When he gets home from day care he feeds the kitties, then we do puzzles and watch "seeka" (musica). After dinner it's time to "essersize" with the WiiFit. He pulls out the balance board (his is made of a phone book wrapped in duct tape), and wants his "mote" and "nukuck" (nunchuck). After we do our exercise, it's time for "jammas" then "mesisin" (medicine) and "brush-brush" (which is teeth, as opposed to hair, with is only one "brush"). Then we read for a while. Usually the pajama book, the dinosaur book, the "ha-ha" book and the "gilla" (gorilla) book. Sometimes, 2 or 3 times each. Then it's off to sleep.

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