2 Months ....

(and one week because I am slow)


Dean is 2 months and 7 days old today (10w5d for those of you that like to count that way). On the Monday before Dean turned 2 months old, August 11, he had his two month check up (and shots). He is now 20.5 inches long and 8 lbs 15 oz. He is still tiny, but gaining at his own rate. (Pediatrician says 3-4th percentile for both height and weight, WHO says 0-1st percentile for both.) His head however is 15th percentile ("Lots of brains" claims his doctor.)

We have put all the preemie clothes away and about a week ago we had to retire one Newborn sized outfit. The rest of the newborn stuff fits still. The 0-3 is a little big but he is not swimming in them anymore. He is too skinny to wear any pants though. It is quite entertaining to put 0-3 pants on him and pick him up. They literally fall right off. I think we may have to buy some overalls before fall gets here.

I returned to work 3 days a week. He is doing great with bottles. He get 3-4 ounces per bottle and will drink everything he is given.

We have developed a bedtime routine and he goes down very easy. He eats, we swaddle him up, give him his pacifier turn on the vibrate and water noise on the pack-and-play, and put him down. He puts himself to sleep and sleeps about four hours. He will then eat and go right back to sleep for two more hours. It is making for pretty good nights.

In the last three weeks, he has been drooling a lot. He has also started gnawing at his hands, chewing on his pacifier, etc. I asked his doctor when we were there and he said that it appears that he is "pre-teething". He is quite young for that, but it is not unheard of.

He has also started trying to roll from his back to his stomach. He has rolled to his side to sleep since he was a few hours old. Now he sometimes goes the rest of the way over. He still gets the arm pinned under him and he gets mad. He has not figured out how to get back over when it happens yet.

Last week he decided that scooting across his changing table was fun. I put him at one end of it on his tummy and he scooted to the other end very quickly. I moved him back and he did it again, and again, and again, and again.

Between the trying to roll and the scooting, there is no turning your back on him. Seriously, aren't you supposed to get a bit longer before you have to worry about this?

He loves to imitate. If you stick your tongue out he will too. When you smile or laugh he smiles in return.

All-in-all he is doing really well. He is small for his age, but advanced as far as his developmental goals go.

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  1. 71 Chris P 2008-08-19 22:30:38

    Hooray! Having a nighttime routine is huge, so I am glad that is working well. I can't wait to see him again.

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