10 Months

Wow. We missed the 9 month post, and time flies, so it's hard to even remember what happened that long ago. Now Dean is 10 months old and what a big boy he is now. He's cruising* like a master. He's chattering away in what I'm sure he thinks are words, but not ones that we understand yet. He occasionally stands for a few seconds on his own, but it's like a cartoon character, where once he notices there's nothing holding him up, he quickly tumbles. He's even getting good at that. Landing on the padded diaper parts rather than the unpadded elbows and head. He continues to be adorable at every opportunity, and to flirt without remorse.

Unsurprisingly he's also got a bit of a devious streak (no idea where he'd get that at all). He gets very quiet when he's getting into trouble. He also is expressing more and more preferences. He's feeding himself too. Cheerios are a favorite, along with apple chips and cheese. All in all he's changing quickly from a baby to a toddler. Only two months till our little man is a year old.

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